Applications and Assays

Antibody Discovery

3d illustration of antibodies attacking virus cell into the bloodstream

Functional antibodies against GPCR targets.

Cell Line Development

3D Rendering of a Natural Killer Cell (NK Cell) destroying a cancer cell

Multi-parametric readout.

T-Cell Therapies

Detailed Image of  Stem Cell

Recovering one-in-a-million functional reactive T-cells.

Novel Assays

DNA, Hospital, Laboratory, Speedometer,

Superior sensitivity to identify rare and functional cells.

Our platform analyzing for functions millions of single cells in few hours is particularly suited for antibody discovery and T cell screening.  We integrate kinetics, function, imaging, sorting into our system – cell line development becomes easier.

Because we have scanned hundreds of millions of antibody producing cells (both primary and engineered B cells), billions of primary T cells, we believe we have the technology and expertise for finding the 1-in-a million rare clone.

Binding, cross-reacting, internalizing and (anta)agonists antibodies and cell-cell interaction for T-cell screening (both primary and engineered) makes drug discovery possible in a day.

More to come with our novel suits of assays for recovering functional rare cell population and linking with their genotype.

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