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We are looking for enthusiastic colleagues who share our passion, ambition and core values.

SABER: Supportive – Ambitious – Believing – Entrepreneurial – Reliable


We are a team, we come from different scientific and entrepreneurial universes and want to unify our talents to make an impact in life science research. We help each other to identify new solutions, overcome challenges, we share the success and failures and we learn from our experiences and leverage our expertise to continuously improve our performance on all fronts.


We work in an extremely competitive industry, so we have to set the bar high, push ourselves to make the difference and enable our clients to advance their research and make breakthroughs in life sciences.


In science we tend to say “seeing is believing”, but it is equally important to be convinced and have the confidence that we can make the difference and do something spectacular, that was never done before: “believing is seeing”.


We all have an entrepreneurial spirit: we are optimistic self-starters, eager to learn, flexible and persistent in delivering concrete, high value output, balancing risks, pace and resources to create value, every day again and again.


We say what we do, and we do what we say. We are down to earth and act in an honest, direct, and transparent way.

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SABER BIO is a young biotech company, a spin-off from ESPCI, based in Paris, France. SABER BIO develops single-cell analysis instruments and assays for advancing complex biology understanding, accelerating drug discoveries and development or to enhance accuracy in precision medicine. We combine droplet microfluidics, deep single-cell characterization using single cell droplet microfluidics technologies for high-throughput and high-content single-cell profiling.

We are looking for enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and innovative people who share our passion to build the next generation of single cell analysis instrument and technologies, using leading edge technologies. You will work in an early-stage company with an experienced management and scientific team that has a successful track-record in developing and commercializing single cell technologies. In addition, the scientific founding team are recognized global leaders in our core technologies and have been involved in the creation of multiple successful biotech companies.

The Saber Team

Saber Team

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